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The 2015 New York University School of Law conference, jointly organized with Concurrences Review, was held on October 23 on "Antitrust in Emerging and Developing Economies". Keynote speeches were addressed by Eduardo Pérez-Motta (Agon) and Professor Bill Kovacic (George Washington University).

Who's Who Identifies Future Antitrust Leaders

May 26, 2017  Who’s Who Legal has revealed its first listing of the lawyers and economists believed by their peers to be the upcoming stars of the global competition community.

Who's Who Legal's Competition 2017: Economists Analysis

MAY 2017  Who’s Who Legal’s Competition Economists chapter covers 342 of the best consultants, expert witnesses and advisers on economics in the world.

Who's Who Competition - Future Leaders 2017

MAY 2017   This year we identify 75 competition economists from over 20 firms and institutions across 17 countries. The featured economists are considered future leaders in the space. They are highlighted for their provision of expert advice and testimony in complex antitrust matters.


Antitrust Lawyer Builds Desired Practice When Government Sues

FEBRUARY 16, 2017   In the past year and a half, antitrust litigator John Majoras has faced off with the government in three trials, spending a total of 32 days in court.

Global Competition Review - Economics 21 

JANUARY 10, 2017   The role of economists may seem uncontroversial within the antitrust community, but can still raise questions outside it. After all, economics can determine how agencies and courts perceive the likelihood that a merger will hurt consumer welfare; how much and to whom cartelists caused damage; and whether a company’s conduct was possible only because it dominated the market.

Tiger Woods Foundation - Donor Spotlight: Jonathan Orszag

OCTOBER 20, 2016   A longtime supporter of the foundation, economist Jonathan Orszag officially joined the board of directors of the Tiger Woods Foundation in 2012. Currently, Orszag serves as the senior managing director and member of the Executive Committee of Compass Lexecon, LLC, an economic consulting firm he co-founded. Early in Orszag's career, he served as an economic policy advisor on President Bill Clinton's National Economic Council. Within the private sector, he has handled a number of high-profile mergers, including Orbitz/Expedia, Office Max/Office Depot and Delta/Northwest.

Who's Who Legal - Competition Economists 2016

APRIL 2016   We identify 312 leading competition economists who are renowned for their provision of expert advice and testimony in complex antitrust matters taken from 127 firms and institutions across more than 30 countries. 

Top 100 Golf - Golfers Who Have Played the Top 100 Golf Courses

JANUARY 6, 2016   Somebody's got to keep the unofficial list of people who have completed this difficult feat, so we've nominated ourselves to take on the task.

The Wall Street Journal - The A Game: Arts, Angels, and Amy Adams

OCTOBER 20, 2015   On Monday night, the fashion brand MaxMara hosted a cocktail party at the Four Seasons restaurant for the actress Amy Adams. Ms. Adams doesn’t have a movie coming out this fall, but she did, apparently inspire the company’s latest “A” Bag.

Antitrust in Emerging and Developing Economies

2015   The 2015 New York University School of Law conference, jointly organized with Concurrences Review, was held on October 23 on "Antitrust in Emerging and Developing Economies." Keynote speeches were addressed by Eduardo Pérez-Motta (Agon) and Professor Bill Kovacic (George Washington University).

Cruden Bay Golf Club - John Orszag Completes the Golf Magazine Top 100 Courses List

AUGUST 27, 2015    American, John Orszag, completed the Golf Magazine Top 100 Courses list after playing Cruden Bay Golf Club on the 26th August 2015.

Mobile Moment: Why Open Spectrum Auctions Matter

DECEMBER 4, 2013   In the latest Mobile Moment video, Mobile Future Chair Jonathan Spalter and Compass Lexecon's Jonathan Orszag discuss the potential impact on taxpayers and wireless users from limiting participation in upcoming government spectrum auctions. Mr. Orszag explains that even partial exclusion in the FCC's upcoming spectrum auction could result in billions of dollars in lost revenue.

C-SPAN - Patent Settlements for Generic Drugs

JULY 23, 2013   Patent Settlements for Generic Drugs Witnesses testified on drug company “pay-for-delay” deals, a ploy by to keep generic alternatives off the market. The Supreme Court recently ruled that these deals are subject to anti-trust scrutiny.

Bloomberg - Jack Welch Could Help Improve U.S. Jobs Data

OCTOBER 19, 2012  Last week, after the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics announced an unexpected decline in September’s unemployment rate, former General Electric Co. Chief Executive Officer Jack Welch questioned the credibility of the data.

The New York Times - Carving a Legacy of Giving (to His Party, Too)

SEPTEMBER 4, 2012   Bill Clinton could not stop talking about soybeans. Over dinner in Kigali with a handful of longtime political aides and deep-pocketed donors, he recited the price of soy (“It never exceeded $8, and now it’s $16”) and extolled its virtues as a miracle crop (“You can grow it with just a thin layer of topsoil”).

Clinton Foundation - Partnerships Bring Opportunity to Uganda

JULY 21, 2012   Today, I had the privilege of traveling with President Clinton to three separate events in Uganda.While each event focused on a different issue – education, the provision of hearing aids, and averting childhood deaths due to diarrhea – there was a common theme throughout the day: Our challenges will not be solved through conflict, but through innovative partnerships.

Sports Illustrated - A Smart Way to Share 

JANUARY 23, 2012   THE HOT BUTTON of the moment, income inequality, has made its way to sports and turned the poverty of college athletes into Topic A. From historian Taylor Branch's opus in The Atlantic, to economics columnist Joe Nocera's analyses in The New York Times, to senior writer George Dohrmann's detailed exploration in these pages of how such a scheme might work (Pay for Play, Nov. 7, 2011), the call goes up to "pay the players." The failure of last week's NCAA convention to adopt even $2,000-a-year cost-of-attendance stipends and four-year guaranteed scholarships will only amplify the chorus agitating for a market wage.

The Hill - Giving credit where credit is due

DECEMBER 2, 2011   The U.S. economy continues to struggle, with 9 percent unemployment and anemic growth. In this election season, both political parties are still more focused on blaming each other than implementing real solutions to solving our economic ills. My former boss, President Clinton, has just published a book, Back to Work, with a lot of sound policy ideas — many of which would have immediate and long-term benefits for our economy.

The Hill - PBMs save us billions of dollars

NOVEMBER 28, 2011    Fortunately for American consumers, the FTC has consistently and publicly opposed the efforts of retail pharmacies to protect higher prices.

Mr. Balto claims that, “You don’t need a Ph.D. in economics to figure out the PBM market is broken.” Such a statement may be catchy, but it is also just wrong. Government research shows that PBMs save Americans tens of billions of dollars.  Yes, tens of billions of dollars of savings for all of us. 
CBO estimated that PBMs reduce drug costs by roughly 30 percent – that alone is roughly $75 billion per year.  Similarly, GAO found that consumers save 27 to 53 percent on drugs when they purchase them through the mail-order services that Mr. Balto disparages, relative to the retail pharmacies.  

JMP - JMP Group Appoints Jonathan Orszag to Board of Directors

MARCH 8, 2011   JMP Group Inc. (NYSE:JMP), an investment banking and alternative asset management firm, announced today that its board of directors has elected Jonathan M. Orszag as an independent director. Mr. Orszag's initial term as a director will end upon the company's annual meeting of shareholders in June 2011, when he will stand for election to a full one-year term.

The New York Times - Will Losing Season Be a Financial Loss for Longhorns?

DECEMBER 9, 2010   Since the Longhorns won college football’s 2005 national championship, the University of Texas at Austin has topped the Collegiate Licensing Company’s annual ranking of schools making the most off merchandise sales.

The New York Times - As Colleges Compete, Major Money Flows to Minor Sports

SEPTEMBER 2, 2010   He has a budget of almost $95 million, growing fast, and command of three private planes. He oversees a newly renovated and certified green building as well as nearly a dozen other tricked-out facilities that are among the most prized on campus.

The New York Times - Drug Patent Settlements

JULY 19, 2010    To the Editor:

We disagree with the policy advocated in your July 7 editorial “Drug Company Payoffs.”

Yes, some patent settlements can harm consumers while increasing drug company profits, but many settlements truly represent beneficial “pay with entry,” not “pay for delay.”

The Hill - A catastrophe waiting to happen

DECEMBER 16, 2009   In one key respect, we are better prepared than when Hurricane Katrina roared through the Gulf states. We remember all too well the fumbling among the governmental entities involved with coordinating a response to the aftermath of Katrina. Fortunately, improvements have been made that will help the various levels of government more effectively work together following the next major natural catastrophe.

The New York Times - SUNY Weighs the Value of Division I Sports

NOVEMBER 16, 2009   New York’s state university system is among the largest in the country, but it has never been known for athletic prominence, unlike major public institutions in states like Florida, Pennsylvania and Michigan.

Consumer Benefits of Broadband Study: Part 2

AUGUST 3, 2009   Jonathan Orszag presents the findings of a report on the consumer benefits of broadband.

Consumer Benefits of Broadband Study: Part 1

JULY 28, 2009   Jonathan Orszag presents the findings of a report on the consumer benefits of broadband.

Ars Technica - It’s official: we’re hooked on broadband

JULY 15, 2009   Bummed by reports about digital divides or the United States ranking twentieth in broadband penetration? A new study released on Tuesday by the Internet Innovation Alliance presents a far more optimistic picture of high speed Internet use in the US.

C-SPAN - Consumer Credit Card Debt

FEBRUARY 25, 2008   Senator Ron Wyden delivered the keynote speech. He talked about his proposed legislation for creating a five-star safety rating system for consumer credit cards. Following his speech, the panelists discussed Senator Wyden’s legislation, the steps needed to inform Americans about the best credit card options, the overuse of credit cards, the home mortgage crisis, interest rates, and the economic downturn. After their presentations the panelists responded to audience members' questions. The Center for American Progress Action Fund has released a report, House of Cards: Consumers Turn to Credit Cards Amid the Mortgage Crisis, Delaying Inevitable Defaults. Tamara Draut is the author of Strapped: Why America’s 20- and 30-Somethings Can’t Get Ahead, published by Anchor. 

The Economist - The sham of the student athlete

NOVEMBER 12, 2007   THE highest-paid man in academia is not a Nobel laureate or star professor, but Nick Saban, the University of Alabama's football coach, who commands a $32 million compensation package. US university athletics is a multi-billion-dollar industry followed almost as widely as professional sports. It regularly ignites controversy. Michael Lewis argued recently in the New York Times that university sports exploit the athletes, who are forbidden from receiving any compensation other than their university scholarships.

The Wall Street Journal - Credit Where It's Due

OCTOBER 25, 2007   Imagine if Congress tries to cut credit-card costs by enacting new limits on fees and interest rates banks can charge. But rather than lowering prices, the new restrictions backfire. Fewer people who need credit can get it, and nearly all of those who have a credit card pay more for the privilege in the form of new fees and higher interest rates.

FTI Consulting - FTI Consulting to Acquire Competition Policy Associates, Inc.

NOVEMBER 21, 2005   FTI Consulting, Inc. (NYSE: FCN), a premier provider of problem-solving consulting and technology services to major corporations, financial institutions and law firms, today announced that it has reached agreement to acquire Competition Policy Associates, Inc (“COMPASS”). The acquisition, which is valued at approximately $70.0 million, is subject to customary closing conditions and is expected to be completed in early January, 2006.

Business Insider - The Most Successful Alumni From Each Of Oxford's Colleges

Jonathan Orszag is founder and CEO of economic analysis firm Compass Lexecon. He attended St Cross in 1997, where he gained a MSc in Economics. He previously worked as economic policy advisor for President Bill Clinton and the US Secretary for Commerce. St Cross is also an all-graduate college.